About Us

Who are we?

Elly and Gerard Bos.

Elly, former b&b host and Gerard, remedial pedagogue and consultant.

We're Dutch with a worldwide interest in people, travel, food & drink, culture, sports and history.

We've visited all continents except South America.

In 2018 our working life and future changed. We sat on the couch watching television. We looked at each other, and one of us said "is this our future now?". So one of us said "let's do what we like, and what we know we're good at!"

We were both sixty years old and felt the urge to do what we had been dreaming about for several years...starting a bed and breakfast abroad.

The choice fell on Portugal and the house hunt began.

Hundreds of houses were viewed on the internet...

We had concrete requirements: at least 4 rooms for rental, swimming pool, a lot to see and do for the guests, golf courses nearby, not on a goat path [as nice as that can be!] and near to at least one city.

We also had to be able to live there ourselves.
It took a while and the hunt was paused a few times until a pearl appeared.

We save the dramas that come with such a search and journey here to tell you over a good glass of wine!

The pearl had to be adapted to the new function. All bedrooms were given a luxurious bathroom, air conditioning, a name for recognition and their own identity. And of course lovely beds. We expected bigger people.

The Dutch are almost the tallest people in the world, and they are an important target group, so length in the beds and in the shower was important! 

There also had to be a swimming pool. For swimming, not for playing, so again length! After a year [!!!!], the ground around the pool was sufficiently compacted to lay grass. The unnecessary trees had also already been removed. The building of the garden could begin.

But, as you know gardens are never finished!

We've now developed an extensive digital guide with attractions to visit, intimate places, sports opportunities, history and culture and some unique offers.

That process continues as we learn and share the joys of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites with our guests.

We are happy to tell you about the best spots that only locals know!

See you soon in Barreiros.

Elly and Gerard


Loving life in North Portugal